Home For The Holidays

KATY needs your help! Let’s bring some morale back to an amazing group of sailors who are defending our freedom. Two ships have been deployed out to sea for quite a while. They are in need of basic supplies. Some cause use some extra holiday cheer. Just Stop by the KATY Studios in Temecula located at 27431 Enterprise Circle West Suite 101. Office hours are Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm to Drop off your items. * Note are closed all major Holidays.

The last port call they had was in April 2019 and they are lacking basic everyday items. They just received their 4th extension in November and being told they don’t have a day when they are coming back.

They will more than likely spend Thanksgiving and Christmas away from their families after being gone for so long. they are local ships with many sailors from the area. So let’s bring them a little cheer for the holidays.

Here is what’s needed:

Laundry Detergent
Dryer sheets
Body Wash
Shampoo/ Conditioner
Non-perishable Snaks
Black Tube Socks
Towels and Shower shoes
Christmas Cards and More

You can also get a full list on the KATY website just visit 1013themix.com