We Salute you Grads Congratulations! 

Angelica Sanchez

West Valley High School in Hemet!

She like to thank her friends and family. They are the ones who pushed me and never let me give up.








Jayden Doll

Elsinore High School in Wildomar

He like to thank his mom, for always pushing me to do my best.







Antonio Plaza

Murrieta Valley High School in Murrieta.

He likes to thank his mom, dad, Victoria, my sister, and my Grandpa Tommy Garcia for their constant encouragement and support. It means everything to me.




Nicholas Martineau

Western Center Academy, Hemet

He like to thank his teachers and family for always encouraging me to complete my goals. They were always there when needed them the most!




Dominique Cantacessi

Paloma Valley High School, Menifee







Aubreena Heusel,

Grand Terrace High School, Grand Terrace

She likes to Thank mom, my Nino Beto, Tia Rena, my grandma, my friends, and their family, for supporting me throughout high school and being there for me when I had competitions along with my plays that I acted in.





Amanda Brodersen

Temecula Valley High School, Temecula






Cameron Patch

Heritage High School, Menifee.







Ryan Christensen

Clairemont High School, San Diego





Spencer Berklite

Vista Murrieta High School, Murrieta



Annabelle Reyes
Paloma Valley High School, Menifee
Thanks to Joey and Charlotte Reyes you raised a great girl! Auntie is so Proud Belle Belle




Deja Carrillo

Western Center Academy in Hemet.

She likes to thank Mom, my Grandma, my Brother, and my Dad because even though times are tough and we’ve had our ups and downs they are always there for me and give me the best possible life that they can give and I couldn’t be more grateful!!








Chyleah Thompson

Western Center Academy, Hemet.

Her Mom likes to thank her daughters’ school for always providing an Amazing high school curriculum. This school has made the students the best students they can be. They have always had the student’s futures at the forefront of the agenda. Chyleah will be heading to Grand Canyon University in the Fall to become an RN. big dreams baby girl! So very proud of you! love Mom, Dad and all of our family and friends!



Kenadee Weddington

Hemet High School, Hemet







Angelo Sansonetti

San Jacinto High School, San Jacinto

He like to thank his family and girlfriend for always sticking by me, and my drama club for making high school fun.






Andrea Thompson

Hemet High School, Hemet.

Andrea will be attending Trinidad State on a softball scholarship and majoring in Kinesiology. Her family and friends couldn’t be more proud! We love you, Drea!!



Jacob Roberts

Hemet High School, Hemet.

His mom like to thank him! His drive to succeed is amazing. He did football for 3 years, currently in his 4th year as a police explorer at Hemet PD, held a job for the past year and a half, and joining the Navy soon. He’s an amazing son, big brother, and all-around great person. Jake you’re going to do big things and I couldn’t be more proud to be your mom!





Stephanie Robledo

San Jacinto Valley Academy, San Jacinto.

Her family like to say congratulations class 2020 and that we love you Stephanie, thank you for being a wonderful daughter.







Ian and Evan McMillen

Dana Hills High School, Dana Point.






Giselle Riley

Temecula Valley High School, Temecula


Patrick Navarro

Vista Murrieta High School, Murrieta





Madison Alomar

Vista Murrieta High School, Murrieta

She was a part of VMHS Varsity Cheer and Senate for 4 years. Currently serving as Senate parliamentarian and loves & misses all her leadership friends! She wants to thank her mom and sister for being by her side and supporting her.




Taylor Marie Krueger

Temecula Valley High School.







Spencer Bunch

Chaparral High School, Temecula.







Tyler Greco

Great Oak High School







Amber Matlock

Great Oak High School.






Serena Herbranson

West valley high school, High School, Hemet. She is College-bound to Alabama A&M University on a softball and academic scholarship. Thank you coaches for your encouragement and inspiration to be the best as a player a leader and a member of our community. Thank you, mom and dad, for always believing in me and giving me the self-confidence to follow my dreams.





Rakim Weddington

Culver-Stockon College, Canton, MO. Rakim Weddington, of Hemet, earned his Bachelor’s degree from Culver-Stockon in Missouri. He is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Go Cats!! His family is so proud of him!






Bradley Fye

Hemet High School, Hemet. He like to thank all his football coaches, teachers, and family that have supported me all throughout football and school.