Born in “The Pitts” (Pittsfield, Massachusetts). California from 12 years to now.

How to become a DJ-take classes at a Community College while in High School cause it’s FREE. I did.  Continue education at 4-year University, get BA Degree in broadcasting (my alma matter is San Francisco State). I also minored in Cheerleading & men. (hee-hee). Get jobs working at local stations working all formats ‘til you find the one you love.

My list includes: (only 3 stations still exist and 1st 8 were in the Bay Area/Nor Cal)

  • KOHL-89.3 (Contemporary Hit Radio-Fremont/Ohlone Community College station-my learner station-still a great place to learn)
  • KXXX-X100 (Top 40-San Francisco-long gone)
  • KWSS 94.5 (Top 40-San Jose-long gone)
  • KKIQ 101.7 (Adult Contemporary-Livermore/now in Pleasanton-still a great station)
  • KRTY 95.3 (Hot Country-Los Gatos/now in San Jose-still a great station)
  • KMXZ 93.5 (Top 40-Salinas-long gone)
  • KSOL 107.7 (Soul/R&B-San Mateo-changed format and call letters, moved to San Francisco-long gone)
  • KYLD 107.7 (Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio-San Francisco-long gone.) This was one of my favorite places to work because not only was I a part of the Morning Show“Mancow’s Morning Madhouse”. But I also had my own weekend shifts too.
  • KKLQ 106.5 (Contemporary Hit Radio-San Diego-long gone)
  • I finally got on the air at KATY 101.3 (THE MIX) in September 2009 where I have been ever since.


Married to my best friend, Joe since ‘94. He’s my Retired Navy Sailor who managed to stay in California for his entire 20 years. Plus gave me the best daughter ever in ‘99. We moved to the IE in ‘03. Wow, what a weather shock, 110+ degrees in the Summer, sometimes in Spring. Still hate it but mostly my electricity bill. I also keep busy when I am not on the radio working as a Substitute Teacher.

-1st Job-Sales at Musicland-selling records/cassettes/video’s (foreign objects nowadays) & CD’s at a store in the local mall in the bay area, right after high school.

-1st Concert-General Hospital’s Soap Star Jack Wagner, he was “All I Need” -ed in 1985 as a 16-year-old teen. GH Favorite show I have been watching my whole life.

-Most Memorable Concert-has to be the Brian Setzer Orchestra (has holiday shows every year/a must go) and Chris Isaak. Back in 2010, Chris climbed up the good seats and kissed my cheek (Pechanga).

-Favorite Musicians-Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Chris Isaak & BSO (see above), Elvis Presley. And, all the music that 101.3 The Mix plays-Don’t you agree?

-My favorite alcohol beverage is a local bottle of White Zinfandel or a Truly Hard Seltzer.

-My favorite saying is: “THANKS!!!!” (sarcastically)

-Want to contact me: like my FACEBOOK DJ Page “Erica on Your Radio” 

~~Happy to be playing all your favorites from the 80’s 90s and today here on 101.3 The Mix~~

(except during COVID)